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The colorful magical land of Rajasthan is famous for its rich history and culture, festivities, forts, palaces, wildlife safaris, desert safaris in charming sand dunes and the mouth-watering cuisines of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the most colourful state of India and it presents a perfect combination of natural beauty, old culture, romantic sites and chivalry.

Jaipur, the Capital city of Rajasthan

Jaipur known as "Pink City" because of its prominent buildings washed in pink color where tradition and modernity exist side by side. On its colorful streets, motorbikes jostle for space with camels, and turbaned village elders rub shoulders with youngsters in Jeans. Jaipur's old walled area has the City Palace, an astronomical observatory and bazaars that sell everything from shoes to jewelry. Recent additions include a multi-arts centre, but the focal point remains the Hawa Mahal.

    Tourist Attractions of Rajasthan

  • Ajmer

    Visited by large chunks of devotees and also those on a pursuit of happiness, Ajmer, is known as the holy city of Rajasthan, because it is home to infinite holy shrines of various faiths, including the Khwaja-Ud-Din's sacred shrine. Once ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan, also known as Ajaymeru and formerly written as Ajmere, it is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains..

  • Jodhpur

    Owing to a beautiful and mesmerizing landscape, Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination. It is recognized as "The Sun City" because of its bright and sunny weather during the whole of the year. Besides, it is referred to as "The Blue City" as well, due to the blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort.

  • Bharatpur

    Most famous for its bird sanctuary which entices large number of passionate bird fans from all parts of the world, the kingdom of Bharatpur was founded by the fearless Jats, a community of landowners.Their most remarkable leader, Raja Suraj Mal, fortified the city of Bharatpur in 1733 and used the loot from Mughal buildings to embellish the forts and palaces of his kingdom.

  • Mount Abu

    Considered to be the only hill station in North West India, Mount Abu, located at an altitude of 1,219 meters above sea level, is a haven in the arid land of Rajasthan. Located in the middle of lush blooming wooded hillocks, on the loftiest peak in the Aravali range, the legendary tourist savoir faire is appreciated for its Dilwara Jain temples and characteristic attractiveness world over..